BitDaric is a decentralized, secure and anonymous cryptocurrency that enables you to easily send and receive money worldwide.


  • Name: BitDaric
  • Symbol: DARX
  • Algo.: Scrypt (PoW)
  • RPC port: 22500
  • P2P port: 22501

Download BitDaric Wallet

Ready to use wallets for Desktop and Phone! Download now and start using BitDaric.

Why BitDaric


BitDaric offer limitless supply controlled over the time instead of limited supply. This way, it will be more stable when it comes more popular in future.


Transactions are faster than other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. BitDaric offer `Rewards` to miners over the time.

Decentralized and Anonymous

It is decentralized and anonymous. No one control it.

Open Source

It is open source. Everyone can contributor and develop it.


Blockchain Explorer: [link]

Exchangers: [Bisq] [RocketExchange]

Pools: [pool #1]

GitHub: [link]

BitcoinTalk: [link]

Twitter: [link]

Whitepaper: V1 alpha

Logo: [32x32] [64x64] [512x512]